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    Drew's Straight Washed Denim
    ...Inspired by Drew Barrymore

    Made with 100% eco friendly material such as recycled cotton.

    Color : Denim
    Weight : 570g
    Country of manufacture : Korea

    【Size details(Flat Placed Measurements / 平置き) 】
     S(Waist 34cm, hip 47cm, Thigh section 27cm, Length 104cm)
     M(Waist 36cm, hip 49cm, Thigh section 28cm, Length 105cm)
     L(Waist 39cm, hip 51cm, Thigh section 29cm, Length 106cm)

    Model :
    Maho(153cm / M)

    【How to Care】
    ・30℃ neutral hand wash
    ・No chlorine bleach
    ・Lay down to dry in the shade
    ・low temperature ironing
    ・Dry cleaning recommended
    ・No machine drying

    Our jeans are manufactured environmentally friendly from the viewpoint of environmental conversation, and contained in waste materials of used industrial products and effectively utilizing the waste materials.


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